Afterschool Club

Our AFTER SCHOOL CLUB is run as part of our Bouncing Back Programme and runs from Monday to Friday 4:00pm to 6:00pm and to make life easy for you, pick-ups can be arranged from school pickup time till 6pm.We provide an exceptional service and fantastic entertainment and value for your children and we believe that every child is different and therefore we aim to give the children as wide a choice of activities as is possible. Regent Park Studios aims to provide opportunities for social growth and development, whilst making its activities:

  • Informal
  • Active
  • Fun

Take a look at our GALLERY to see the range of activities we provide.

Admission Information:When a child joins the Bouncing Back Programme or After School Club information is required and set out in the required forms (Application/Participation/Referral. Details will be asked about the child and the responsible parent or individual.

Please read carefully the following information:

  1. We operate a strictly ‘4 week probationary period’, after which the parent /carer agrees to give at least 4 weeks notice of any change or cessation of their Afterschool arrangement.
  2. All sessions booked WILL be charged in full, even if they are not used. This is because staff ratios have to be maintained.
  3. Fees are payable in advance – Parents/Carers should be aware that we use a debt recovery agency to recoup outstanding payments.
  4. If we have not received payment by Friday for the following week we cannot pick up your children due to staffing ratios  – This is your responsibility.


  • Each day comprises of 2 hours @ £5.00 per hour – Total: £10.00
  • £20.00 Holiday Activities (Please ask for details)
  • Late pick up from school should we need to return to the school £5.00
  • Late pick up’s by parents will be charged at per hour or part of £5.00
  • The Afterschool Club costs £10.00 per session, this includes collection from school and lasts up to closing at 6:00pm (18:00).

Before signing this document, please make sure you read through the following ‘Pick up and Drop Off policy’ and complete the ‘Parental Consent/Permission’ section.


We have a facebook page that is dedicated to you, the parents. It is a safe and secure group where you can inform us of changes in collections and circumstances, this is to ensure the safety of the children that attend the Afterschool Club. It is the responsibility of parents to keep us informed of sickness, holidays etc that might effect the smooth running of the school pick ups. Please apply to the group and state your childs name.


Please email us for more information on:” adding After School Club in the Subject Line or call us on 01524 419 861