Educational Provision

Our program runs in association with Hawthorn Educational Services to provide a complete alternative education package.

Hawthorn Education Services is a North West  independent education provider, dedicated to offering a specialised teaching service to all young people who have difficulty accessing or maintaining education provision. The service offered provides professional teachers with the extensive experience and specialist knowledge required to work with vulnerable young people, including those with special educational needs, with the aim of maximising potential. A programme of personalised learning in a range of subjects will be established up to GCSE level.

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Hawthorn Education Services works with everal PRU’s, children’s homes and schools in the North West. They provide a bespoke service aimed at raising attainment of young people with complex and challenging need and provides a specialist teaching service across all key stages using a structured and intensively managed process with a focus on outcomes. Hawthorn Education Services staff have specialist knowledge and extensive experience in providing education for vulnerable young people including those with special education needs.


Our educational objectives are to provide an appropriate personalised curriculum and support inclusion to school when possible.

  1. Initial contact with young person and other professionals involved in young person’s care and education.
  2. Initial assessment of academic ability mapped to National Curriculum levels.
  3. Planned times and locations of sessions.
  4. Completion of risk assessment.
  5. One-to-one teaching provision planned and delivered to meet young person’s needs and to ensure that academic progress is made.
  6. One-to-one teaching to support the development of young person’s social and life skills.
  7. Individual Education Plan to identify strengths, needs and targets.
  8. Data recorded on attainment, attendance and targets at the end of each half term and at case closure.
  9. Presentation of regular education reports.
  10. Representation at statutory meetings and reviews.
  11. Transitional support when appropriate.
  12. Regular meetings to review progress including well being and safeguarding.

Testimonials and a curriculum can be provided on request – EMAIL